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Author Topic: Fixing "DJBfftModule disabled"
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Post Fixing "DJBfftModule disabled"
on: April 29, 2015, 23:19

These instructions provide the libdjbfft shared library and fixes the warning "protomo: could not load libi3djbfft.so, DJBfftModule disabled".

This process works on ubuntu 14.0.4 AMD64. Other platforms should have similar instructions.

1. Download djbfft-0.76.tar.gz (from http://cr.yp.to/djbfft.html)
2. Unpack it

tar xvf djbfft-0.76.tar.gz

3. Change to the new directory: "cd djbfft-0.76"
4. Add the line

#include <errno.h>

to the top of substdio.c, hier.c, auto_home.c, subsstdio.h, str.h, strerr.h, and open.h.
5. Add the following code to the Makefile above the line that starts "error.a:":

libdjbfft.so.1: djbfft.a
        gcc -shared -o libdjbfft.so.1 8sc.o 8u5.o 8u4.o 8u3.o 8u2.o 8u1.o \
        8u0.o 8mc.o 8c0.o 8c1.o 8c2.o 8c3.o 8c4.o 8c5.o 8d0.o 8d1.o \
        8d2.o 8d3.o 8d4.o 8d5.o 8v5.o 8v4.o 8v3.o 8v2.o 8v1.o 8v0.o \
        8mr.o 8r0.o 8r1.o 8r2.o 8r3.o 8r4.o 8r5.o 8sr.o 4sc.o 4u5.o \
        4u4.o 4u3.o 4u2.o 4u1.o 4u0.o 4mc.o 4c0.o 4c1.o 4c2.o 4c3.o \
        4c4.o 4c5.o 4d0.o 4d1.o 4d2.o 4d3.o 4d4.o 4d5.o 4v5.o 4v4.o \
        4v3.o 4v2.o 4v1.o 4v0.o 4mr.o 4r0.o 4r1.o 4r2.o 4r3.o 4r4.o \
        4r5.o 4sr.o fftfreq.o -Ldjbfft.a

It's important that the whitespace that starts each line in the above block is a tab even though it will copy-paste from here as spaces. Replace those spaces with a single tab for each line except the first (that has no space).

6. Change the corresponding line in the "compile" script (i.e. add the "-fPIC" option to make the shared library):

exec gcc -fPIC -O1 -fomit-frame-pointer -malign-double -c ${1+"$@"}

9. Run the command "make libdjbfft.so.1"
10. Copy libdjbfft.so.1 to a place in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ld.so.conf, or equivalent (e.g. /usr/local/lib64), or the protomo lib directory specific to your platform.

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Post Re: Fixing "DJBfftModule disabled"
on: May 4, 2015, 02:52

Thank you James! I've tried a few times to get djbfft to install and this worked! Area matching is noticeably faster. Very nice=)


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